Head Light offers free 90-day trial of continuous performance management

Posted on May 06, 2016 at 08:42 AM

Head Light, the talent management software specialist, is offering HR teams the chance to pilot an ‘employee-centric’ approach to continuous performance management free for 90 days.

The company will provide its Talent Performance® software - which facilitates focused, goal-oriented conversations between managers and employees - at no cost, to any organisation that wants to test the benefits of continuous performance management with a minimum of 40 employees and managers. Head Light will configure the software - to match each organisation’s brand, language and workflows - and it will provide all the initial and ongoing support needed by HR teams and end users.

“HR practitioners are increasingly recognising that performance management should be a continuous, conversational process, not a twice-yearly event involving subjective ratings or judgements about past performance,” said Ian Lee-Emery, CEO and founder of Head Light. “Every employee has the right to expect that their line managers will engage them in good conversations about their performance, their potential and their aspirations. The HR challenge is to find and implement the right tools to support this goal. We’re offering the chance to pilot our software with a specific team, group or department, so HR teams can see the benefits of accessible, effective and ongoing performance management. This is a completely free trial, with no set-up fee, no hidden charges and no maximum number of users.”

Talent Performance® helps employees and line managers to set objectives and development goals, track progress and give, receive and record feedback. Accessible via PCs, smartphones and tablets, the software encourages continuous performance management conversations, career conversations and discussions of each employee’s objectives, potential and aspirations.

“Some HR teams think that implementing and administering new software is a dauntingly large change project but that isn’t the case,” added Ian Lee-Emery. “Our Cloud-based software is secure, intuitive and optimised for the task, so you don’t need training to configure or manage it. We’ll make it all happen for you. Talent Performance® has the simplicity and ease of use of an app, so it appeals to today’s increasingly young and mobile workforce. It also provides talent analytics and data insights that can help HR teams to better understand the needs of talented employees and to create a more consumer-led approach to career management.”

For organisations that want to continue using Talent Performance® after the 90-day pilot period, Head Light will offer a discounted, monthly ‘pay as you go’ rate, based on the number of users.

For more information about how to take part, visit our web page


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