Using 360 to measure ROI of L&D

In our blog post last week, we looked at how information from 360 can be re-used and re-purpose to help pinpoint and focus Learning & Development resource.…

Re-use 360 degree feedback to inform group training needs

Want to re-purpose or re-use 360 degree feedback to go beyond individual development and inform other L&D activities such as defining group training needs? In this series of blogs we'll look at how to re-shape the information your get from your 360 review programme and get greater value from your investment. We still find that 360 is one of the most powerful, insightful and useful development tools that we have at our disposal as HR and L&D specialists and organisations invest a significant amount in getting the right tool, the right questions, supporting individuals in their personal development.  But how can it be used beyond personal development?…

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