Pinpointing the key areas of 360

The best 360 degree feedback tools provide the recipient and the organisation with rich, focused and useful feedback about an individual’s performance. But pinpointing the important areas can be tricky. In our Talent 360 software we've tackled this head on - and have developed three features to do this:…

Use data in Succession Planning

How do you use data in succession planning and talent review activities within your organisation? Are you able to cut and slice the data to make informed succession planning decisions? Our recent article in HR Magazine has clearly given food for thought. In it, we look at how, one of the challenges we face in succession planning is identifying potential or rather, defining potential at the outset. And because it is so tricky to define, line managers often all fall back on the natural, inherent biases that we all have and bring the 'great guys' and the 'ones to watch' to the discussions at the Talent Review Boards - with not necessarily much to back their choice up. Isn't it the role of the HR team to make sure that the Talent Review Boards gather, use and interpret data more effectively and not rely on those being put forward based on a manager's 'gut feel'. The article in HR Magazine illustrates how, when 360 degree feedback is used as part of the talent identification process, different rankings of 'potential' can be found based on whether one is looking at line manager feedback or feedback from peers and direct reports.…

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