How to implement a great performance management approach

Performance Management is often perceived as a time-intensive, tick box exercise with little value to employee, line manager or organisation. A once or twice a year Performance Management session does little to embed the understanding and achieving of goals and the encouragement of performance in a job.…

Making competencies work: the nuts and bolts of the organisation

Embedding a competency framework across all your assessment processes is another critical step to making your framework come alive. It is surprising how often we find that different processes (e.g., leadership development programmes, 360 degree questionnaires and executive search briefs) adopt different criteria and use language that is not consistent with the core behavioural expectations in the organisation.…

360 degree feedback hacks

'Hacks' seem to be all the rage at the moment. They offer shortcuts – or tips – to getting things done. We’ve been ‘hacking’ (without even knowing) for years around the 360 degree feedback process! Of course, with hacks in general there’s rarely a quick and easy fix to “unleashing your inner creative beast” or “instantaneously wiping out your to-do list” despite the claims in the email message fields of the mass emails that are offering such hacks!…

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