Enabling employee career choices with digital tools

A common problem facing HR in many organisations - you have outstanding employees and want to keep them in the business. With many industries facing talent and skill shortages and job-hopping becoming the norm, the future looks tough for HR.  Talent mobility is seen as the answer to future-proof the organisation. Organisations are flatter than they once were and employees are more impatient than ever to progress.  Mobility can't be defined as just being 'upwards'. Career advancements now need to be sideways and mean cross-functional 'tours' , or even across geographies. Rarely do organisations have the resources to career counsel everyone - so what digital tools can be deployed to make this easier? HR can enable career paths can take shape by giving employees mapping tools to explore their options – and that there’s no need to look outside of the company for progression.  In our work with clients we’ve witnessed a strengthening of organisations engaging their people in their own career planning and career path mapping.…

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