Why open questions can be more powerful than ratings in 360 degree feedback

It is common to use ratings in 360-degree feedback questions as it provides a short cut for people to prove a lot of feedback across many different subjects, quickly and easily. In other blog posts, we've looked at making sure the right scales are included in your 360 degree feedback assessment. Certainly within performance management, there has been a shift away from ratings (see our blog post here). The trend for written feedback continues and while it's common to have a few open ended questions in 360-degree feedback projects, often they are little more than 'start, stop, continue' (which we don't rate much!). How can we ask better open-ended questions and get better feedback?…

How to mix conversational PM, avoid ratings yet support a bonus culture

It is well documented that over the last three to four years there has been a movement away from a traditional annual, ratings-based performance appraisal process. The current direction of travel is towards a more agile, conversation-based and individual approach to managing performance, also known as Continuous Performance Management (CPM). This movement is picking up speed: 79% of executives rate it a high priority, up from 71% three years ago, with 38% calling the movement “very important.” (Deloitte University Press)…

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