Coming Back Better - Week 5 - More tolerance and humanity and less judgement from our managers and leaders

In March, I was horrified to hear about a friend of a friend who - when she asked her manager if she could work from home just before lockdown fully kicked in - was effectively sent to Coventry for two weeks, with her boss refusing to speak to her. OK, so this is an extreme example, but others we’ve spoken to have reported feeling “judged” in some way for what they are and are not able to do whilst working from home.…

Coming Back Better - Week 4 - Our employers showing more interest in us as people - as individuals

“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you”; even Julie Andrews and Deborah Kerr didn’t find this easy, as they struggled with culture shock and personality clashes in The King and I. What has perhaps become more apparent, over the last three months, is that many managers – and HR - know very little about the people in their teams.…

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