How to record feedback in Continuous Performance Management

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 13:13 PM

performance management feedbackOne of the most common reasons for the switch to Continuous Performance Management is the desire by employees to have more regular catch-ups and check-ins with their line manager.

They’re driven by a wanting to check that they’re on track and to share what they’re doing to get both acknowledgement but also the coaching and guidance from their manager to guide them towards the end goal.

The usual annual performance review process doesn’t really allow for this kind of ‘touching base’ or for enabling this kind of conversation. In fact, an annual or even a six-monthly review often falls short on many counts; typically looking at historical, maybe out-of-date data or goals, and it simply becomes a tick-box exercise rather than it contributing meaningfully to the achievement of the objectives.  

Of course, the reality is that many managers and their team members are in touch with each other more frequently than six months either through fixed meetings or on an ad hoc basis. But do they have the tools to support them as they do this? Do they have a way to track the progress of goals and objectives set – and their likelihood of achievement or exceeding it? And, can individuals ask for feedback on from colleagues and managers about how they’re performing against a specific goal and to gauge their own progress?

Probably not – unless they’re using our Talent Performance software!

Consultation with and feedback from clients – and non-clients – has shaped our software. It needs to be of practical value, not just as a reporting instrument, but as an on-going, supportive tool.

As such we’ve included:

A ‘request feedback’ option through which participants can request feedback from their managers or any reviewers about their objectives and development goals. It talks to the very real shift in desire for being proactive in getting feedback from others.

- A ‘wall’ feature in our software that gives team members and managers an at-a-glance status of what actions need to be followed up. Perhaps they need to give feedback to others, update their objectives or development goals. It means that, at any time, people can go to their Wall and see what action they need to take to move something along.

- There’s a great email reminder system which can be used when an ‘update’ is ‘due’ for an objective or development goal. It makes easy work of making sure that goals remain in focus. And should the update diary date pass, then a new reminder can be set.

- Ad hoc reminders emails can also be sent – no scheduling required – when managers want to remind people to update their performance review.

What we’ve created is a highly flexible, continuous feedback system that supports any organisation looking to move to a more continuous performance management approach. Learn how to make the transition.

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