The fundamental talent management questions you need to answer

Posted on June 05, 2018 at 14:14 PM

talent management softwareHave you had a busy 18 months? Carrying out 360 reviews, embedding continuous performance management, implementing succession planning...

So what now? Do you have what you need to answer those fundamental Talent Management questions? 

If you're like many Talent decision-makers, you’ll have been working through a long list of Talent Management projects.

You may have carried out a 360 degree feedback review of your senior leaders, designed and implemented a new continuous performance management system, conducted a skills audit, carried out an employee engagement survey and updated your talent review process.

You'll now have all the data, all the information. But can you answer the 6 fundamental Talent Management questions that your senior leadership team – or the business – asks of you? In fact, do you know what the fundamental Talent Management questions are that you need to be answering!

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Of course, once you know these fundamental questions you can start to map out how to access, cut and interrogate the data you have – and how to present this meaningfully to your leadership team.

And that raises another challenge; can you access the information easily – and be sure that it’s up-to-date and accurate….?

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