Reskill to retain – and shift skills management to the employee

Employee turnover rates are climbing in the UK in both the private and public sectors. The challenge facing talent leaders is how to slow this, retain key talent and upskill for future organisational needs. What role does skills management have in this?…

Time to follow a more employee-centric approach to skills management?

There is much talk about 'future skills' - and skills audits of the current workforce. But these are typically HR-led exercises. As such, they can miss large pockets of skills and experience that are simply not known by the HR team. Isn't it now time for individuals to manage their own skills profile held within the organisation?…

How to ensure competencies and goals fit with future business needs

The skills, behaviours and competencies needed for future roles are different to those needed today. How can you future-proof your workforce so you retain and yet develop talent for the future?…

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