What it takes to get agile performance management approach in place

Posted on November 24, 2016 at 13:28 PM

9 essentials - graphics.jpgThere’s a shift taking place in the world of performance review.

It's a shift away from an annual or six-monthly performance review and towards more agile performance management.

The traditional, typically annual or b-annual appraisal process is seemingly being replaced by a more on-going, flexible way of managing performance. To make this shift change successful, we think that there are nine fundamental ‘must haves’ - and you can read about these in our article.

9 essentials for agile Performance Management

So, why this shift in performance management? Why is it often now seen as an outdated, time-consuming process that is no longer fit for purpose?

Part of the reason is the backlash to forced rankings and bell-curves. Critics say that forced ranking and the associated moderation process inhibits teamwork, stifles creativity and can be very demotivating for genuinely high performing employees when they’re forced into the average category.

But also there’s a growing need to accommodate a more fluid approach to work in which objectives and goals change and a six-monthly review just is too distant. What is required is a more on-going, continuous performance update.

There is also a stronger demand from employees for greater involvement in setting and achieving objectives and a drive to increased ownership and engagement. Regular performance conversations and an easy-to-update progress tool helps in this.

We’ve also seen the need to create more real-time performance data for senior managers and a desire to improve the quality of conversations between managers and their teams. HR need to access data easily and move into a more value-add, strategic role than simply checking on completion of performance forms.

With such a shift happening, what do you need to have in place to make this happen?

Read our article.

9 essentials for agile Performance Management


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