Travis Perkins uses Talent 360 for aspiring store managers

Travis Perkins group uses Talent 360 for aspiring store managers and branch managers as part of its development programme.

Travis Perkins case studyTaking a group of employees who are seen to have the potential to grow, progress and take on a more senior role often calls for a development programme. Clearly, with their baselining, signposting and re-assessment capabilities, 360 degree feedback tools have a role to play in such development programmes.

And it's no different for the Travis Perkins group for whom, developing its own talent is part of its DNA. For those aspiring to be branch or store managers Travis Perkins runs a six-month management development programme.

It offers those taking part, the opportunity to acquire the skills, behaviours and competencies needed in their next role and as, many of these managers will not have had the opportunity to think about their current capabilities or what may be needed in a different role it wanted to build a 360 into the programme.

Already in use in other parts of the organisation, Travis Perkins group chose to use our Talent 360 software. It’s seen to be both flexible and customisable – and capable of giving the Travis Perkins people the information they need to help them make decisions about their own development.

The team at Travis Perkins were quite clear on how they wanted the 360 review questions to be worded and drafted these themselves, basing them very much around its own model and language. The result is a meaningful 360 assessment for its managers, which is used early on in the development programme, acting as a catalyst for a solid discussion around development.

Using Talent 360 has given the Travis Perkins group:

  • A structure to spark great conversations around development, performance and career;
  • A customisable tool based entirely on its leadership model;
  • A way of collating data across a group of managers and leaders.

Why not read the full case study or take a look at the short video below about Talent 360.

360 degree feedback software

To explore if our software could help you create a 360 for aspiring store managers or other roles that you may have, then get in touch and we can schedule a time to take you through it.

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