Behavioural Indicators for Mental Toughness or Resilience

Generic metal toughness and resilience diagnostics are widely available and they measure just that particular characteristic, often solely quantitatively. Many competence frameworks also include indicators that have a relation to the concept of mental toughness, often in the context of the competency itself. This is admirable but the overall rating for the competency obscures the specific mental toughness aspect, unless the specific questions are investigated.…

How to answer 'what does good look like'?

We’ve noticed a recurring theme when talking with HR decision-makers: how to establish a common understanding and way of defining what ‘Good’ looks like for key roles in an organisation. Everyone you ask has a different opinion, and judges it differently.…

The advantages of performance management software

If you’re an organisation which has already invested significant time, resource and energy into the design and roll-out of a performance management process, the last thing you may want to hear is how much better it is if you now move on-line!…

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