The advantages of performance management software

Posted on April 09, 2013 at 11:53 AM

If you’re an organisation which has already invested significant time, resource and energy into the design and roll-out of a performance management process, the last thing you may want to hear is how much better it is if you now move on-line!

Our research looked at the criticisms and downsides as reported by those who are still working with an off-line process, and also reported on the benefits as seen by those who have made the move to an on-line system to support their performance management and review activities.

Interesting reading.

The most common criticism seems to be the lack of consistency across the organisation in the way in which objectives are set with 71% reporting this.  This lack of organisational view of objectives is also reported by 31% and a difficulty in monitoring performance across the organisation by 34% of those completing the survey.

Time is seen as a key downside – with 71% saying that the line managers say that the process takes too long – and yet, those who have moved online report that whilst there are great business advantages to the move, time saving is not a significant one.  Only 20% say the sessions are shorter and the meetings taking place with more or less the same frequency – and three quarters report the performance review sessions take the length of same time.

So what are the advantages of moving to online performance software?  

The quality of the conversation improves.

  • Just over half report that performance is tackled more readily.
  • A quarter see managers themselves become better coaches.

The quality in performance increases.

  • Two thirds have seen an increase in the quality of performance.80% see there to be better goal alignment between the individual and those of the organisation.
  • Two thirds have witnessed a greater achievement of objectives.

Our online performance appraisal tool will help achieve this higher quality. If you’d like to know more about our research or are looking to see how moving online with your performance review can bring these benefits, do contact us.

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