Embed Performance Management across your organisation

Performance Management is a process which can have a poor press in many organisations. Some research has even found that, as often as not, it decreases performance rather than increases it. However, as a management practice it endures: for good reason.…

Giving feedback: take the person into account

Giving feedback thoroughly and effectively makes a real impact on how successful the 360 degree feedback process will be. But how the individual reacts and responds to both positive and negative feedback depends very much on how they are wired. Those driven to succeed and attain goals (ie those who are ‘positively wired’), interpret and internalise positive and negative feedback very differently from those more concerned with avoiding failure and punishment (‘negatively wired’).…

7 ways to improve 360 reviewer response rates

Improving your 360 reviewer response rate may be key to ensuring you get the feedback needed to make 360 activity valuable. Typically ‘lack of time’ is the main reason that 360 reviews are not completed by a reviewer as ‘filling in questionnaires’ is often not high on the list of ‘things to do’ for anyone.…

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