Not all 360 review systems are the same!

360 degree feedback has been around for decades - and online for a good many years. 360s have become a standard component of the Talent Management strategy. But, for some, little real thought is now given to the software used in this fundamental part of employee and leadership development. And yet, 360 degree feedback software varies so much in its capability and the insight it offers. 360s are certainly not all the same.…

Reducing bias in Succession Planning Talent Review meetings

The Talent Review meeting is the core of any succession planning process. It's the meeting at which managers and HR discuss the talent pool, up and coming vacancies, the readiness for progression and where the succession gaps and risks may be. You need up-to-date and accurate talent information, but you also need – a team aware of their biases and knowing how to mitigate these.…

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