Effective Leadership in the COVID-19 Remote Working Era

With countries locking down to slow the spread of COVID-19, the world is having to rapidly adapt to new ways of working, socialising, shopping and communicating. For a fortunate few, the current situation represents very little shift from the way they have been working for some time. For many of us, the fundamentals were already in place but perhaps not fully tested. Others will have worked remotely at points but are finding that their WFH arrangements – adequate for short periods – are not up to the task when several people are doing the same, or when children are also in the same space vying for bandwidth with multiple devices. For some people, working from home will be a complete novelty. For companies, it is providing the opportunity to robustly and fully test disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Whatever our situation, however, the global pandemic is affecting all of us in many ways.…

Mobilising the Messy Analogue Moving Parts - Week 6: Empowerment and Delegation

Empowerment and Delegation. Empowerment and delegation is the final moving part in our organisational machine - that and the not-so-insignificant matter of creating a supportive culture. We've covered a lot in our 6-week series - emotional intelligence, giving good feedback, coaching skills, bringing people together in teams and motivation and engagement. Phew! That's a complex relationship of analogue moving parts. Let's try to bring this all together.…

Mobilising the Messy Analogue Moving Parts - Week 5: Motivation and Engagement

Motivation and engagement. A quick recap. Our organisational machine and its moving parts is running pretty smoothly. We've talked about emotional intelligence, giving good feedback, coaching skills and bringing people together in teams. The next cog in the machine is motivation and engagement.…

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