Fuelling Talent Management With Continuous Performance Management

Performance Management is coming of age. We have talked and written plenty about the shift towards the more conversational, on-going and regular check-ins taking place between line manager and team member. These are the features of Continuous Performance Management.…

Why Even a Pandemic Can’t Stop the Successful Launch of a New Continuous Performance Management System

As the world doubled down in response to the global pandemic in March 2020, HR, talent and L&D teams found a host of new priorities to add to their workloads. They needed to manage the ‘overnight’ switch to home-based working, pause recruitment or go virtual with it, deal with the priority focus on employee health and wellbeing – and all while the organisation kept running. In short, such new demands provided the perfect opportunity to push aside any non-critical talent management projects.…

Is your organisation advancing under-represented talent?

Nearly every company today would state that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a business priority, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Quite apart from any structural changes to the marketplace and economy, what is clear is that remote working is becoming more of a long term feature of the workplace and that working patterns are likely to remain varied across employees.…

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