‘Nudging’ with Sticky Notes to help employees stay on track with continuous performance management

We’re sure you’re all familiar with the concept of a ‘Nudge’ - encouraging people to do the right thing without being overly directive. Imagine if you could stick a sticky note on everyone’s screen that ‘nudges’ your employees to maintain their engagement with ongoing appraisal conversations. That’s exactly what we’ve done in our cloud-based performance management software called Performance.…

Building on a recovering economy with effective succession planning tools

With so much workforce uncertainty over the last two years in particular, succession planning – or workforce planning – has risen up the strategic priority list. Skills shortages in leadership and business-critical positions at all levels of organisations – both smaller and larger in size – are under increasing pressure to withstand the ripple effect across organisations of losing key people and skills sets. But how sure are you that your succession planning strategy and processes are robust enough to not just to cope amidst these organisational shifts but be confident that you have the necessary successors ready to make the most of a recovering economy and keep it successfully on course in line with your strategy? We think that if the recent challenges have taught us anything it’s that businesses need to embrace and embed succession planning software if they are to survive and thrive.…

360 feedback meeting question prompts for managers

How a manager approaches a 360 feedback meeting will partly depend on who initiated the process. Perhaps a team member requested the review seeking a specific career development path or the manager has sought feedback on a direct report’s performance, or as part of a wider process the organisation may be seeking to identify high potential candidates in a high stakes promotion process. Either way, the line manager’s role in the success of the 360 review process is crucial. So, we’ve put together a list of question prompts to help better prepare managers to get the most out of 360 review meetings.…

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