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Three keys to developing a feedback-friendly culture

How to create a feedback-friendly culture at work to improve performance management

We have refined this handy 3-point checklist for developing a more feedback-friendly culture in your organisation which supports and encourages both the giving and receiving of feedback.

Not easy we know, but implemented gradually over time with support from the top and you could make some inroads into this difficult problem. You could of course also ask us to help!

1. Improve and ensure the quality of feedback

  • Train supervisors and others about how to provide useful feedback
  • Create clear standards concerning valued behaviours that are relevant to organisational goals
  • Provide clear performance measurements
  • Provide reports tying individual performance to bottom line departmental or organisational metrics
  • Provide time to review and clarify feedback results with others such as one's supervisors
  • Monitor quality of feedback if you have the tools available such as in Talent 360

2. Emphasise the importance of feedback in the organisation

  • Expect top-level managers to serve as role models about how to seek, receive, and use feedback
  • Ensure that everyone actually receives feedback (i.e. its not voluntary or the sole preserve of a select few)
  • Involve employees in the development of behaviour and performance standards
  • Ensure that performance improvements following feedback are recognised and rewarded

3. Provide support for using feedback

  • Provide skilled facilitators to help recipients interpret formal (i.e. 360) feedback and set development plans and goals
  • Train and reward supervisors for coaching
  • Encourage feedback recipients to discuss their feedback with colleagues to help clarify it and to reach shared agreement concerning behaviour expectations and changes
    provide feedback recipients with the freedom to act on the feedback to give them a sense of control
  • Provide formal and informal opportunities to learn

Do ask us how we include many of the above items within our 360 feedback programmes as standard to ensure a successful 360 review project.

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