The 10 most useful rating scales for 360 reviews

Posted on November 11, 2013 at 11:52 AM

Writing review questions for a 360 assessment can be tough.

You know what you want to ask, but you’re not sure what the rating scale should be which you use to gather the feedback. We’ve noticed that this can be a real stumbling block so to help you get started, our Review Scales Tool may be just what you need.

Help to choose the review scale  for your 360 assessment

We've identified 10 of the most commonly used rating scales for use when developing 360 assessments: it’s not a definitive or exhaustive list but it is representative of some of what we find to be the more useful and more readily applicable scales.

We've pulled these together in a useful document available on our website and we even give you the wording for the different anchor points – always a tough one to get right!

1. Competence Scales
2. Frequency Scales
3. Extent Scales
4. Comparison Scales
5. Performance Scales
6. Developmental Scales
7. Qualitative Scales
8. Agreement Scales
9. Importance Scales
10. Satisfaction Scales

If you want to get hold of our Review Scales Tool, access it below.

Help to choose the review scale  for your 360 assessment

If you'd like help with the other challenges of getting the most from your online 360 degree review programme, then do get in touch.

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