In need of question ideas for 360 feedback sessions?

Posted on May 24, 2014 at 11:53 AM

In a 360 feedback session, have you ever floundered for a question - and wished you had access to a library of questions to start off the conversation or prompt a discussion?

Or has there been a time when the discussion has been slow or distractions and blind alleys are being taken?

At times like this, it can be useful to draw on a resource which gives you some ideas for prompts. You'll then be able to kick start the conversation or to focus the person on the feedback they are getting.

We’ve put together a list of such questions and structured them so you can pinpoint which question will help based on where in the review session you are.

We'll take you through prompts to help in:

  • Contracting – to gain trust, acceptance and the right to deliver feedback
  • Developing overall impressions – to set the tone and depth of issues to be discussed in the meeting
  • Giving detailed feedback – to examine the key areas in the report
  • Providing qualitative feedback – to examine and explore written comments from reviewers to see what insight they might offer and how they might add to the numerical feedback
  • Action Planning – to determine key priorities, resources, stakeholders and specific actions and time frames.

These questions prompts are one of the many tools we offer in our Resources section of this website.

Prompts to support your 360 feedback session

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