Think about engagement, even during recruitment

Posted on July 02, 2014 at 12:53 PM

Engagement and recruitment - are you considering these two talent management activities alongside each other?

Even during your initial recruitment activities, we think that engagement needs to be considered. And you are probably doing this. You'll be talking with your candidates and starting to think about what it will take to retain these great people once they have joined your business.

Our Head of Business Psychology, Debbie Hance, has penned an article recently published in The Global Recruiter in which she talks about needing to understand what will engage your talent - and to therefore stay with your organisation.

She takes us through the 12 factors within Head Light's Model of Engagement and how these can be incorporated into a questionnaire for organisations to use with their staff. Crucially, Debbie explains the need to look at not just what the employees are saying the organisation does and doesn't do, but also how important this is to them. The Model of Engagement is built into the Talent En-Gauge on-line talent management software and readily available to all users.

Debbie's article is include in our series of We think... articles.

Having read this, if you are ready to look closer at how you can increase the engagement of your people, do get in touch

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