Are you responsible for other people's development plans?

Posted on March 12, 2015 at 12:18 PM

Research tells us that goals are better achieved when they are articulated, written down, shared with colleagues and reviewed regularly. But how are you making this happen within your organisation?  

Are you providing your people with the right tools to make their development plans a reality?  And do you know what development people have planned - and are they sticking with it and making progress?

Are you able to analyse common patterns and see trends in development plans - and do you know if your organisation getting value for money from the development activities it provides? Is there accountability?

These are the questions which may be running through your mind - and they're the challenges many of our clients face when they first start to talk with us.

We know that a successful deployment of a career planning or development planning tool is based on the ability for employees to:

  1. Set goals and timelines.
  2. Time automatic reminders so things don't get forgotten or overlooked.
  3. Gather feedback from other people on performance or key behaviours.
  4. Store and access this feedback easily and when needed - and it not being tied up in a document somewhere.
  5. Log development activities and experiences and being able to share these with their Manager and / or Coach.
  6. Track progress against the development plan.

And for HR to be able to monitor progress.

We have designed our Talent Advance®  tool to deliver all of this - and do it in a way which is straightforward to for everyone to use – and drives accountability and development focus from day one.

Learn more about Talent Advance®  as part of our talent management software suite and take a look for yourself by requesting a demo.


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