The Consumerisation of Talent - an event hosted by Head Light

Posted on March 06, 2015 at 15:20 PM

If we think about the people in our organisations as career consumers, what does this mean for the way in which we manage, develop and progress them? 

With the growth of the ‘portfolio career’ and employee choice, our employees are looking for more tailored, customised and mutually-beneficial work experiences. And, with this in mind, we’re asking what impact does this ‘consumerisation’ have on our talent management practices and strategy?

We’re delighted to be hosting an event which looks at this trend and offers both challenge and some practical ideas which attendees can take away and implement immediately.

Recent research suggests that, despite the shift in the need for a more segmented approach to talent management practices, we’re failing to learn about the individual and shape our ‘offer’ accordingly. Do we look at our employees as ‘consumers’? And do our Managers?  And how, with a different approach, could the employee-manager conversations be different?

Would you like to join us?

Professor Nick Kemsley, Co-Director of the Centre for HR Excellence at Henley Business School, and himself an experienced senior HR leader for many years, will open our morning.

He will share the findings from his recent research – based on practitioner thinking and experience, reveal why he thinks many talent management models are based on out-dated assumptions, and what this may mean for HR.  Nick will challenge the attendees to look at their own talent management strategies and how these are impacted by such a change – and suggest what HR should be doing about it.

We’ll then translate this to the manager/employee discussion using skilled actors and facilitators to bring this to life by seeing how talent conversations take a dramatic shift when the ‘consumer’s’ perspective is taken into account. And we’ll then, to help you take action, share our Implementation Plan which suggest some immediate practical actions and approaches.

We’d like you to be a part of our exclusive event to unpick this major shift and identify what it means to your HR practices.

This ‘invitation only event’ is aimed at senior HR decision makers – and those who are ready to take action.


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