The future of Succession Planning: is it time to change?

Posted on November 19, 2015 at 09:29 AM

We believe that Succession Planning needs to change.

We think that organisations need to recognise the shifts taking place in minds of talented employees and their view of their career and the relationship with their employer, and look now at how this can inform effective succession planning within the organisation.

From other blog posts, you’ll read that talent is beginning to exhibit consumer behaviours driven by a number of different trends. We seen the impact of the employee centric market as those we identify as the talent we want to keep, recognise and understand their power. We see the rise of portfolio career thinking, the lowering of barriers to moving employer, the skills shortages in specific skill areas and the growth of the importance of the employee’s personal ‘brand’.

Professor Nick Kemsley, Director at Head Light, sets the scene in this first video by explaining these trends and suggests that the model on which we base our current Succession Planning activities is no longer completely relevant.

Video 1 -  A new model for Succession Planning

After you've watched the video, why not watch the next video in the series in which Nick talks about the impact of these trends on succession planning.

Video 2  A new model for Succession Planning

Want to know more about how to introduce robust succession planning

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