How to track performance objectives in your organisation

Posted on May 24, 2016 at 15:17 PM


engagement with performance objectives A question for you. How easy is it for one of your line managers to see the progress of the performance objectives of their team?

Probably not that easy.

And yet isn’t the real value of a performance management system not the once a year (or twice a year if the manager’s conscientious) review meeting, but the on-going, continuous striving towards and achievement of performance objectives? And as such, isn’t it crucial that progress can be seen at the touch of a button whenever needed?

So this became core functionality of our library of manager performance management reports.

Clear to understand, instant, accurate, offering an overview with the capability of drill-down, and easy to share with others.

The performance data can be cut and sliced any which way is needed – so those managing more than one team or across different locations or business units, can dissect and report on the information by creating their own group or subset of people. However they may want to analyse the performance objectives data, there’s a drop down option available.

We’ve also created other reports to show how aligned objectives are with those of the organisation – and how engaged people are with their performance objectives.

You can see:

  • who hasn’t set up any objectives yet,
  • the average number of objectives per person,
  • how many objectives have been completed,
  • and the average progress made for a specific group.

You can get more insight from looking at:

  • who has made no progress against their objectives,
  • those who have an update that they’ve scheduled which is overdue,
  • who is simply falling behind in terms of progress against their timeline.

But this isn’t about compliance and checking up on people.

This is about giving people the information they need to make things happen. We believe that when people know what their objectives are and they’re able to track progress, everything is possible. But you have to help out your managers and give them the tools to support and coach their people.

Insightful, clear and instant access to performance analytics.

Why not watch the video now. 

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