Talent management software provider: find the best fit

Posted on July 01, 2016 at 10:35 AM

What are the most important things to find out about a potential talent management software provider?

At the recent CIPD HR Software Show, Luke Butcher, our Client Director, revealed what we see as some of the most important areas of questioning that HR and L&D decision-makers can use with their potential talent software providers to make sure they get the best fit between what their organisation needs - and what the software provider delivers.

We’ve received great feedback on the presentation and had numerous requests for the slide set.

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Always ask the right questions - and that means, the right questions for your business

Luke looked at the important areas to get right when choosing a talent management software provider.

Areas such as the technical and professional support on offer, the typical implementation paths and likely stumbling blocks. How bugs are fixed in the software, how the software is developed going forward, how you can influence this this and how often you’ll get updates. You may want to know about where the provider is based, who else they work with and what this means for them working with you.

But these are simply areas to cover.

You are not going to get an idea of 'fit' by just knowing about the areas to look at, you need to think about why you are looking at these areas, the questions you might want to ask and the responses you would be looking for you to be sure that there would be a good fit.

It’s not about ticking a box to show that you have the answers to the questions; you need to then be looking to see what answers mean for how you and your business operate. Only you will be able to determine if the culture of your organisation, and what this means in practice, will be served by a specific talent management software provider.

We have hosted a webinar on this and you may want to take a look at this. 



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