Can you say that Continuous Performance Management is working?

Posted on September 08, 2016 at 12:37 PM

performance management at work

If you've made the shift to on-going, continuous performance management, is it working?

Are you able to tell your senior management team that the new approach is making objectives more meaningful to and better understood by your employees?

Continuous Performance Management is not about an annual tick-box exercise or the allocation of a single rating once a year. It's about bringing performance objectives to life and about them becoming integrated into working practice of employees and managers.

You may well be getting anecdotal feedback about this, but you'll also want to look at the hard stats as to the level of engagement with the system you're using.

And that can be tricky if the online system you’re using is difficult for users to find their way around, access whenever and wherever they want and looks as though it’s software of 10 years ago!

This isn’t the case with users of our online performance review software - Talent Performance®.

We hear time and again that our software not only provides the instant, accurate, company-wide overview of progression of objectives, and a great tool for HR and the senior team, but it actually helps to increase the engagement with the objectives themselves so that they become embedded in day-to-day working and part of regular continuous performance management conversations.

So what have we witnessed?

After adopting our Talent Performance cloud-based software, one client with around 3,500 employees has seen:

47,500 log-ins over the year – in other words, more than once a month
for every single person.

144,000 updates made - or over 41 updates and progress recorded
for each and every person.

It's showing that continuous performance management is working. Regular conversations are taking place and objectives are being looked and updated.

Time and effort goes into sourcing and deploying a new HR or talent software system - and you (and the business) need to know that it's time well spent. The success of such an implementation is measured by manager and employee reaction, feedback and day-to-day usage of the software, and achievement of the objectives. You need them to be able to understand and update what they need to do without difficulty.

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