Aligning objectives at Muñoz in the UK

Posted on April 28, 2017 at 10:48 AM

The Muñoz Group in the UK seeks to be the best in the business of supplying the freshest of fruit, flowers and juice to many of the UK supermarkets and each of the 320 employees working across the UK operation needs to understand their own specific role and contribution to achieving this. 
The situation is explained by Allison Miller, Learning and Development Manager at Muñoz in our case study.We’re an expanding organisation and we recognise the importance that each of our employees has on us achieving our goals. But we need to help our people to know what they need to focus on, how they are doing and how they can improve.”  And, as part of this, Allison and her team reviewed the market for online performance management systems.

Talent Performance was chosen and Allison set about customising the system so it fitted the Muñoz way of doing things and reflected the language and structure of the company.

And it is this customisation that Allison believes has led in part to the success of their new performance process. “We believe that it’s because we have an easily accessible and customised performance tool we have seen such a strong buy-in to the new approach to goal setting and achievement.”

You can read how Allison achieved this in the case study below.

Muñoz Group in the UK Ensuring a shared understanding of  goals and ambitions 


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