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Posted on June 14, 2017 at 12:22 PM

give better feedbackYou know that the real value of  360 review is determined by the quality of the feedback on the participant given by reviewers; this is what drives the overall feedback session and leads to the development plan.

And yet, helping reviewers give the best feedback isn't always on the radar of companies as they deploy 360 degree feedback across their organisations.

So what can you do to help your reviewers? What guidance do you offer those reviewing participants in your 360 programme?

Combining years of experience and written in conjunction with our User Group, we've compiled a Good Practice Guide to using 360, in which we've included the template of a briefing document you can take, adapt and use with your own people.

You can sign up for this section of Guide below - and if, you want the complete Good Practice Guide we can send that on to you as well. 

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The Reviewer's Briefing Document offers a template of the sections and words you may want to include when briefing your reviewers. It includes an example of how to explain:

  • why you’re using a 360 within your organisation.
  • what 360 degree feedback is - and is not!
  • the role of confidentiality, anonymity and security - and how you are dealing with this.
  • how reviewers can give the most useful, honest and meaningful feedback, including practical tips such as: when to complete the review, the time thinking about each question, the use of the rating scales and open text fields, giving specific and motivational feedback. 

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