The actions to take to make Continuous Performance Management work

Posted on June 19, 2017 at 13:10 PM

9-essentials-of-continuous-performance-managementWe’ve seen a surge in interest by those in HR to talk about how best to introduce or transition to a different approach to performance appraisal.

Agile workplaces are becoming the norm in which teams flex, priorities shift and objectives are revisited. In a more   agile workplace, many organisations know that the one-off, annual performance rating no longer works. In its place are more regular catch-ups and updates between manager and employee. This is Continuous Performance Management.

Such an approach leads to:  

  • Better performance;
  • Better engaged employees who feel that their contribution is more valued;
  • Better use of manager and employee time.

We’ve helped companies to make this change to continuous performance management – and you may want to take a look at what some of our clients say by reading some of our case studies or watching this short video.

Hear a continuous performance management case study

With our experience, we know what works – and we’ve distilled this down into 9 essential foundations that you need in place to get to grips with Continuous Performance Management. 

You find out what these are in full by signing up for the article.

9 essentials for Continuous Performance Management

It covers:

  • how to get buy-in and support from others in the mapping out of this approach;
  • how to make the ‘little and often’, quick and easy – and what you need to look for;
  • what you’ll need to do to upskill managers, employees and yourselves in HR – and why this is important;
  • the actions to take to update your policy on performance management and checking on the quality of the performance conversations.

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9 essentials for Continuous Performance Management

Read more about how to transition to Continuous Performance Management. And, when you're ready and think it useful to see our Talent Performance software for yourself, then get in touch for a demo. 

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