How Talent Management can destroy meaningfulness at work

Posted on July 19, 2017 at 09:46 AM

meaninglessness of work

Employee Engagement is an integral part of Talent Management. So we were excited to hear Professor Katie Bailey speak at a CIPD event about ‘Meaningfulness of work' and it going ‘Beyond Engagement’. 

In her presentation, she outlined her research project and its findings on meaningfulness at work and referred to an MIT/Sloan Paper. 

Two key items stood out for us, and are relevant to our work in the Talent Management domain:

  • ‘Meaningfulness’ at work is largely determined individually – whilst there might be external influences of events, it is largely subjective and personal.

  • The ‘destroyer’ of meaningfulness largely emanates from organisations and managers – the processes and procedures introduced, information gathering requirements and so on.

The MIT/Sloan paper introduces the 7 sins of meaninglessness - and these gave us food for thought with regard to what we do as Talent Managers.

How does our approach to Talent Management support or detract from meaningfulness at work?

We explore each of the 7 sins in our white paper. Request your copy.

Read our White Paper How Talent Management can destroy meaningfulness at work

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