Continuous Performance Management: why and how

Posted on May 08, 2018 at 12:09 PM

performance management check-inContinuous Performance Management continues to be one of the most talked about shifts in talent management.

To give you the background to this, help you decide if this is the way you need to go and  support you as get started, we've written an eBook which explores all this. You can get your free copy today.

Over the past decades, we've all witnessed the heavily criticised, but still in place, tick-box, annual performance appraisal approach. It's probably down to inertia and indifference - and the concern that any change is going to involve intense time by the HR team which may be met with the rolling of eyes. 

But times are changing. Team members want more connections with their managers, and want to know that they are on the right track. Managers want people to know what they need to do - and to then get on and do it. They both want tools to help them with this - to take away the administrative burden on an annual review - and they want some way of tracking progress. These check-in or catch-up conversations may well be happening - but how are they brought together? And how do you and your senior leadership team get an overview of progress towards organisational goals? 

Perhaps you are already being asked about moving on the performance review process. If so, you'll want to get up to speed with the background to continuous performance management and how to get started. If you’re not yet having these conversations, now is the time for you to learn for yourself what you could do in your organisation to make the change. 

Either way, have a read through our latest free eBook - and arm yourself not only with the facts, but also the essentials you need to think about to bring in continuous performance management and make it work. 

Get hold of your copy now.

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