You cannot change culture without changing behaviour

Posted on November 21, 2018 at 10:14 AM

600x300AdobeStock_163852648_dandelion-1You know that an organisation's values and culture are reflected in the way in which it chooses to appraise and manage employees' performance. And it's an important channel for communicating what - and how - things need to get done. So, when you need to change the culture of the organisation, take a closer look at your performance review process. 

For many of the organisations we talk to about performance management, they are feeling the need for greater agility to cope with changes in market, customer and employee demands. Such changes have driven them to rethink the culture by which things gets done. They recognise that they need to empower and give greater ownership to each employee for meeting and exceeding their own goals and objectives.

Such organisations know that the annual (or six monthly) appraisal no longer serves them well when behavioural change needs to be rapid and 'owned' by each employee. 

From the conversations we have had, and the work we have done, we have created a freely available eBook - Driving Cultural Change through Performance Management. It focuses on how to use the performance management process to drive change. It takes you through how benchmark your current review process and activities and how to move forward an introduce one which supports the cultural change you want to make.

From the eBook you'll learn:

  • Why Performance Management is so important to the culture of an organisation.
  • How to benchmark where your organisation is right now by taking you through a simple auditing exercise.
  • Some key actions to take which will help shift the perception of the performance review.
  • The 9 core essentials that you should consider if you're moving towards a more agile and continuous approach to performance management.
  • How to tell where and when your performance management approach is working - and a new culture of feedback and openness is in place.

If you are wanting to change the feedback culture in your organisation, then sign up to get your copy of the eBook and we'll send you a link straight away.

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