The Talent® roadmap continues…

Posted on June 07, 2013 at 14:09 PM

We’ve just released a further update to our Talent® platform.

We’ve listened to feedback - and worked on this to develop new additional functionality to our talent management software which truly adds to the valuable information about your people.

HR users are now able to:

  • Identify easily those with high potential as outlined by your organisation.
  • Investigate the ‘quality’ of the feedback a 360 reviewer has given.
  • Identify the most significant changes in competence area over time.
  • Create alignment with Organisational, Divisional and Team Objectives and cascade them to those that will drive them forward.
  • Ensure personal Talent Profiles are regularly updated to make sure your Succession Planning programme stays current.

We’ve also addressed some of those seemingly smaller usability issues but which just make the administration process so much smoother. Another release is due out soon and as usual we will be asking our customers for their suggestions and input - it's how we build a better product.

If you’re not yet using Talent® and want to learn more about this and the other ways it can support your talent strategy, do get in touch.

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