Eight-point plan to turn around failing performance management

Posted on January 09, 2015 at 09:13 AM

Talent management software specialist Head Light will offer practical advice on how HR teams can embed the processes and practices that enable real performance improvement, and not just ‘tick-box’ performance management, at Learning Technologies 2015 (28-29 January, Olympia 2).

The company has researched and identified an eight-point action plan for HR teams, managers and employees, which can turn around failing performance management initiatives.

“Effective performance management has great potential to drive business results and enhance engagement,” said Ian Lee-Emery, Managing Director of Head Light. “However a focus on the paperwork and not the tools and skills to do it effectively lets everyone down.”

Head Light has created a comprehensive guide which shows HR teams how to communicate the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of performance management and how to implement the necessary processes and practices. Called Performance Management: Guiding Managers and Employees towards Performance Improvement, it provides an in-depth examination of eight critical aspects and offers practical tips and guidelines for success. Visitors to stand 98 can register for a free copy of the guide.

According to Head Light, the main reasons why performance management fails to live up to its expectations are: the goals are rarely made clear; many managers simply don’t like doing it; it is vulnerable to poor practice; cultural blocks get in the way and managers are not given adequate support.

“When managers mainly hear from HR about the mechanics of filling in a form on time, the process descends into a tick-box exercise in HR compliance,” said Ian Lee-Emery. “HR teams could change this and champion its real purpose and benefits.”

Head Light claims that when performance management is successfully embedded in organisations, the role of the manager is more facilitative, enabling and supportive, as opposed to being judgemental, autocratic and directive.

“Performance improvement can only come from performance management if organisations fully understand each individual’s behaviour, achievements, capability and potential,” said Ian Lee-Emery. “It’s important that HR practitioners train and help managers to coach and facilitate effectively. Managers also need to be given the tools to provide their teams with feedback, not judgement.”

Head Light is on Stand 98 at Learning Technologies at Olympia, London.

To request a copy of the eight-point plan, please get in touch.

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