Head Light releases latest mobile talent software

Posted on March 03, 2016 at 16:56 PM

Head Light today releases its latest update to its mobile talent software suite, Talent Cloud®.

After the major release in November 2015 this delivers additional capability to those users of the new more contemporary interface.

“Our approach is quite different to other talent management software providers: we update and enhance our software regularly and then liaise with each client when and how they transfer across so that it causes minimal disruption to their business. It means that the end-users reap the benefits immediately rather than waiting a year or so for a major update,” comments Ian Lee-Emery CEO and Founder of Head Light.

Talent Cloud 8.1 builds on the mobile native design launched last year so that it is as quick and easy for employees and managers to use this HR talent software as if they were using a native app on their phone or tablet. It aims to reflect how an increasingly young and mobile workforce is using software in its professional and personal lives.

Ian continues,"Feedback from our clients since the launch of our mobile talent software whether they are from HR, the ‘line’ or the end-user community has been very positive. They’ve been able to see that this new interface works well for them and we have been able to prove that this remains robust, reliable and secure so that it meets the requirements of in-house enterprise IT teams.’

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