New Case Study: HomeServe analyses talent data with Talent Successor

Posted on March 01, 2019 at 13:26 PM

HomeServe succession planning case study

We’re delighted to publish a case study by our customer HomeServe.

Ian Lee-Emery, founder and Chief Executive Officer comments: “HomeServe has adopted our Talent Successor tool to give HomeServe a clear line of sight of its identified key talent at any time. It enables them to interrogate the talent data and generate the information needed for its Global Talent Report quickly.”   

Ian Lee-Emery continues: “Succession Planning is a fundamental part of talent management and yet all too often organisations cannot access the up-to-date talent data they need – and cannot do this easily.”

“We have been able to work closely with the team at HomeServe to get to the core of what is needed – and then added in new functionality to the system to reflect this."

"Working closely with our customers in this way makes sure that they get the valuable information that they in the way that they need it. We have the agility to turn ideas into practical reality and, as there is one single global product that is entirely customisable, it means that all of our customers get access to the new features as and when they want them with no extra investment by them.”

You can read the full case study.

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