It’s pay back time - when do you see ROI?

In the recent Head Light survey - Justifying spend in hard times: measuring Return on Investment for 360 and Performance Reviews – we asked when users of on-line 360 and performance reviews saw a return on their investment.…

Do you calculate the ROI of your talent management activities?

With economic uncertainty comes the need for greater scrutiny of spend and examination of return of any investment. But how does this apply to areas of talent management spend? Are we all justifying our spend, building a business case and looking at the payback on the investment once made?…

Speedy problem resolution and round the clock ‘up-time’

When you’ve chosen to implement an on-line talent management system, you want a service that is available to your people when they need it - and any problems or questions you have, resolved and answered as speedily as possible.…

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