Build your business case for online performance management

Our article in's Talent Management Essentials, outlines the four main benefits of on-line performance management that we observe through our work with clients - and from our research with those with whom we come in contact.…

In need of question ideas for 360 feedback sessions?

In a 360 feedback session, have you ever floundered for a question - and wished you had access to a library of questions to start off the conversation or prompt a discussion? Or has there been a time when the discussion has been slow or distractions and blind alleys are being taken?…

3 reasons for inaction after employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement surveys often lead to little action. And it's no wonder that with the promise of increased productivity, improved financial performance, lower attrition and absenteeism and higher levels of customer satisfaction and innovation, that those organisations who have taken part in an employee engagement survey... are often disappointed with the results.…

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