It's all in the implementation

Deploying talent management software successfully is all about a well planned, communicated, robust implementation. It requires easy to use software, solid processes and great administrators.…

Are you responsible for other people's development plans?

Research tells us that goals are better achieved when they are articulated, written down, shared with colleagues and reviewed regularly. But how are you making this happen within your organisation? Are you providing your people with the right tools to make their development plans a reality? And do you know what development people have planned - and are they sticking with it and making progress?…

The Consumerisation of Talent - an event hosted by Head Light

If we think about the people in our organisations as career consumers, what does this mean for the way in which we manage, develop and progress them? With the growth of the ‘portfolio career’ and employee choice, our employees are looking for more tailored, customised and mutually-beneficial work experiences. And, with this in mind, we’re asking what impact does this ‘consumerisation’ have on our talent management practices and strategy?…

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