The 10 steps to continuous performance management

Leading organisations are successfully replacing outdated appraisals with ‘continuous performance management’ – and we’ve been supporting them every step of the way from initiating change, creating assessments, reviewing processes, providing software and coaching managers. But what are the key areas you need to consider if you are looking to make the shift from a one-off annual appraisal meeting which perhaps has an interim review mid-year, to on-going, continuous performance management?…

How to set the scene and re-contract in the 360 discussion

If you're running a review programme, and you're preparing for the 360 degree review discussion and feedback conversation, how do you create an environment of openness and understanding so that action will follow and a change in behaviour or competence will arise?…

Does appraisal software help employees engage with objectives?

You’d be right in thinking that by putting in place an online Performance Management system, managers and team members have a place to store, record and update performance objectives – and document their progress against these objectives.…

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