How to track performance objectives in your organisation

A question for you. How easy is it for one of your line managers to see the progress of the performance objectives of their team? Probably not that easy. And yet isn’t the real value of a performance management system not the once a year (or twice a year if the manager’s conscientious) review meeting, but the on-going, continuous striving towards and achievement of performance objectives? And as such, isn’t it crucial that progress can be seen at the touch of a button whenever needed?…

Questions to ask potential Talent Management platform suppliers

If you're going to the CIPD L&D Show in London next week - and looking to talk to Talent Management platform providers - do you know what questions to ask? We find that the most successful implementations of our talent management platform occur when the client is thinking about the longer term and the broader picture from the get-go. To help you in your search for the right supplier for your, we've pulled together what we think are the questions you need to think about asking when searching for a cloud-based talent management and retention platform.…

Plotting a career path with Talent Navigator®

A common problem facing HR in many organisations; you have an outstanding employee and want to make sure you keep hold of him or her. You want to show now a career path can take shape – and that there’s no need to look outside of the company for progression. In our work with clients we’ve witnessed a strengthening of organisations engaging their people in their own career planning and career path mapping.…

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