How to make sure you give your 360 the best chance of success

You'll already know that 360 degree feedback has the potential to give employees the insight and focus needed to create their development plan. It can help bed down organisational values and reinforce the competencies needed. But not attending to the avoidable pitfalls can mean that your 360 never delivers this. Instead you end up with simply an HR process that is seen as a chore by managers and reviewers, and meaningless and too generalised by employees. And we see this far more than we'd like. So what can you do to give your 360 the best possible chance of acceptance, value and success?…

How to check Continuous Performance Management is working

Many organisations are making - or have made - the move to Continuous Performance Management. There's a real buzz about the benefits of continuous performance management and more regular check-ins or catch-ups between manager and team member. But how do you know if this is actually happening, and the goals and objectives being set and, in theory, talked through, are being progressed?…

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