How to spot good quality 360 feedback

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 13:03 PM

We get to see many results from 360 reviews - and also spend time talking through reports with 360 participants - and we notice the varying quality of feedback that has been provided by the reviewer or rater.

Regardless of how sophisticated the 360 process or software is, if reviewers don’t take the time to provide considered, balanced, constructive and honest feedback, the usefulness of the reports will be limited. It is the impact of the reports which ultimately stimulates personal change – and consequently the return on your investment.

How often do you check the input (i.e. the feedback) to make sure it is ‘good’ feedback? Rarely? That’s probably because other systems include the feedback verbatim and have no concept of what ‘good’ feedback looks like.

We changed that.

We have developed an important feature in our Talent 360 software to evaluate the responses given by feedback providers so that the Administrator can see at a glance if there are any potential ‘quality’ issues with the feedback submitted.

Perhaps the speed of completion, the quantity of feedback, the pattern of responses. It all counts and we have the algorithm to bring this all together.  It isn’t a pass/fail. It’s a two-level quality checking process that gives you, the project sponsor, a ‘traffic light system’ indicator of the quality of the feedback provided. With that forewarning, you could take action to enhance the outcome.

We’re confident that this ‘check’ will give you additional information you just can’t get elsewhere.

If you want to know more, read our article and get in touch when you want to talk.

Maximising the quality of  360 review feedback

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