Having better performance conversations

Posted on February 21, 2014 at 15:50 PM

We know that that the line manager can make a real difference to the way in which performance management and performance review takes place.

One trend we at Head Light see within organisations is the growth on the focus on developing coaching as a core manager skill.  That is, the training of managers to have better quality developmental conversations to challenge people’s thinking, increase creativity and drive up ownership and personal accountability.  But, we fear this focus may be too narrow, and it remains a challenge to get managers to buy in to the need for ‘coaching’ as a core skill, with many seeing it as akin to counselling or therapy, too ‘soft’, too time consuming and against the prevailing culture or predominant management style in their organisations.

So how can we move this on?

We think that overriding focus of line management training in the area of talent management should simply be on having better conversations.

Crucially, some of these conversations may look like coaching but they don’t need to be labelled as such.

There are different sorts of conversations which focus much more on:

  • performance levels,
  • agreeing goals,
  • nurturing potential,
  • personal career planning and
  • challenging or sensitive issues.

Equipping managers with the ability to identify the opportunities for these different kinds of conversations, and with the core skills they need to handle them effectively may be a more holistic approach than just banging the coaching drum. 

So our new Talent Management for Managers programme covers all of the above and encourages managers to explore their personal leadership challenges and what talent management means, and needs to look like, within their area of responsibility.

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