360 degree feedback software - finding the system right for you

Posted on November 25, 2014 at 10:19 AM

Deciding to deploy 360 degree feedback software tool as part of your talent management software suite, is the start of a process of gathering, collating and reviewing the market.

We talk to HR and L&D decision makers every day who are starting out on this research and have pulled together a checklist of the areas which are most commonly needed.

You know you need to it be flexible, adaptable, easy to use and easy to understand - but what else? Typically organisations want their 360 degree feedback software to:

  1. Reflect the competencies of your organisation
  2. Adapt to the branding, colours and language of your organisation
  3. Accommodate the workflow of your organisation
  4. Allow you to create your own assessments - and define and include your own rating scales eg BARS and Likert
  5. Generate feedback quality scores
  6. Allow you to amend all standard e-mail text and set times for reminders
  7. Enable you to define anonymity and confidentiality settings based on respondent group
  8. Allow respondents to ‘save as they go’ as they work through the assessment
  9. Provide useful reporting options which can help participants and feedback facilitators to make sense of the data and prioritise areas for action
  10. Connect review outcomes directly to other talent management activities
  11. Highlight those with high potential
  12. Include suggestions for development linked to areas of development highlighted
  13. Monitor and manage the progress of any review campaign easily through an at-a-glance dashboard
  14. Create benchmarks for teams and individuals
  15. Allow for generation of group or cohort comparison reports
  16. Allow for data exports so you can evaluate and use the data for purposes such as Return on Investment (ROI), training needs analysis and assessment validation
  17. Run analytics and reports as you need them
  18. Enable you to be self-sufficient and make changes quickly and easily
  19. Have a strong service availability record so you can be sure the system is available when your people need it
  20. Be supported by a Helpdesk which knows the system inside and out

Do the 360 degree feedback software systems you are looking at tick these boxes?

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