Create a Talent Management Strategy: take your business forward

Posted on January 27, 2015 at 11:01 AM

Creating a Talent Management Strategy will give you cohesion and integration of your talent activities, a clear alignment with your business strategy and a common talent language for your people to understand.

But typically talent activities grow organically and rarely do we take stock, and look at them as a whole.

The key is to understand where you are now, what you need to do going forward to support the business and then to work with a partner who can share proven tools and techniques to get you there - and that's where we come in!

We draw on exploration sessions, strategy days, talent audits, assessments and meetings with stakeholders to gather all the initial 'information gathering'.  These are led by business psychologists with experience across sector and organisational size.

We then help you to articulate the talent vision that is aligned with your business vision - and then, crucially, look at the distance between the current and the future talent needs. We'll help identify priority actions and share tools to consider blindspots, barriers and blockages and work out how to address these. You'll have a talent management strategy linked to your business aims and ready to implement.

But what we don't do is create a dependency on us as consultants. We see our role to share expertise and experience, to facilitate and challenge your thinking and to give you the tools you need to shape, implement and review your talent management strategy beyond the initial project.

Creating a talent management strategy will help you to:

  • Connect your talent activities to the goals of the organisation
  • Engage senior leaders and leaders in talent conversations
  • Demonstrate a commitment to core competencies and values
  • Encourage individual ownership of development and career progression
  • Join up disparate talent activities
  • Identify high potential and inform succession planning
  • Maximise the impact of L&D on the business

If you are looking to update or create your Talent Management Strategy, get in touch to talk it through with us.

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