The Winsor Review and anniversary PDR systems

Posted on April 14, 2015 at 16:02 PM

To comply with one of the Winsor Review recommendations, Police Forces now need to ensure that a PDR is completed before a pay increment is awarded.

Recommendation 81 of the Winsor Review looks at the training of line managers to use the Performance Development Review (PDR) system efficiently and effectively.  As part of this, Forces need to be able to assess the performance of people at a time which coincides with the anniversary of their start or promotion date – rather than tying it in with an annual HR, business or financial cycle. You'll have heard about this through the College of Policing.

Police Forces need a system flexible enough to incorporate different performance review dates for different people.

From working with Forces across the UK within 360 and leadership development, our experience also extends into performance review and Winsor Review-compliant PDRs.

Is your performance management system capable of running in this way?

Alison Sercombe, HR Business Partner, Leadership and Career Development, Thames Valley Police, is leading the implementation of Head Light’s cloud-based Talent Performance® tool to support the PDR process within Thames Valley Police. Alison explains:

We have adopted Talent Performance as it not only gives us the immense flexibility and customisation that we need to support anniversary PDRs, but also sits valuably alongside the Talent 360® tool we already use. By using the performance review and 360 tools together, our people are able to view the development actions needed and feed this straight into their PDR, encouraging direct action and ownership."

With Talent Performance, I am able to set performance review dates based on either specific anniversaries - thereby meeting the need for anniversary PDRs - or based on the business year depending on how we have chosen to allocate the ranks or staff. This gives us great flexibility and customisation - and can be accessed online even by those Regional Units we host who are not within the TVP infrastructure.

Take a look at how Talent Performance can help you – and read our case studies about our work with police forces.

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